Posted Dec 26th, 2017

VP of Marketing Tom Meyer talks strategy for driving Taco John’s® sales

A new attitude and a renewed focus on our consumer value proposition will help shine a brighter spotlight on Taco John’s® In the midst of updating Taco John’s® advertising to continue making the brand more memorable, new Vice President of Marketing Tom Meyer wants to

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Posted Dec 14th, 2017

Taco John’s featured on History Channel show ‘It’s How You Get There’

Our cult-like following is growing as we garner media attention and expand into new markets People don’t usually drive a boat through a drive-thru, but Taco John’s® tries to be accommodating, especially when the boaters are hosting a national television program that’s featuring our Mexican

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Posted Nov 7th, 2017

Pumpkin spice tacos? No thanks. But franchisees are delighted when an LTO strikes the right chord

Taco John’s® cream-stuffed Pumpkin Churros and other innovative LTOs are designed to attract new guests and bring back loyal fans Taco John’s® is capitalizing on popular fall trends without going overboard. It’s the kind of thoughtful marketing intended to help drive new business for our

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Posted Oct 17th, 2017

How we keep customers coming back for more

Taco John’s® strikes the perfect balance between tradition and innovation to draw guests and drive sales revenues There’s a fine line in the restaurant industry between keeping loyal guests happy and making sure you don’t stagnate as a brand. That’s why menu innovation is paramount

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