Posted Aug 11th, 2017

Modern store design moves us closer to QSR+ goal

Our iconic Mexican fast food franchises embrace updated design, quality food and the convenience of quick-service An updated store design, available to new franchise investors as well as existing franchisees ready to remodel their existing units, is the next step in the evolution of our

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Posted Jul 20th, 2017

Taco John’s® debuts new game-changing steak tacos

Quality proteins and other offerings make us stand out among Mexican fast food franchises When we roll out a new menu item like we did in early June with our Sirloin Steak Taco – Street-Style, we attract extra attention to our restaurants, earn higher guest

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Posted Jul 6th, 2017

Our pioneering digital marketing chief gets creative with Taco John’s®

Taco John’s competition should be more than a little worried with our new digital expert in-house Jimmy Orr, Director of Digital Strategy for Taco John’s, is at the head of the pack with the latest advances in the digital marketing world, figuring out better ways

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Posted Jun 12th, 2017

Tacos are never going out of style

And neither is the Taco John’s® franchise opportunity. Here’s why. The taco is never going out of style, according to the experts (and anyone who’s ever eaten one). In fact, it’s making a big splash in the food world these days, showing up on menus

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