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Launch Plan: How Taco John’s Supports New Restaurants

When you open a Taco John’s Mexican food franchise, you can count on weeks of in-person support We’ve been helping franchisees open up Taco John’s Mexican food franchise restaurants since 1969, and we have just rolled out a new restaurant opening support initiative that goes

3 great tips for hiring and retaining workers from Taco John’s franchise

Experts from your favorite Mexican food franchise have some great ideas for navigating a tight labor market You’ve found the perfect Mexican food franchise, located the perfect site and built out your restaurant. You’re excited about owning a Taco John’s because you are confident customers

That’s a lot of Potato Olés®

Taco John’s celebrates a string of successful openings (and Potato Olés® giveaways) as we pick up momentum toward being the top Mexican franchise opportunity Our grand openings are epic, with excited consumers lining up early at each new Taco John’s in hopes of being one

Sports Radio DJ waxed nostalgic for Taco John’s. Then we made his day.

We didn’t set out to score points, but our food drop-off for a morning radio talk-show host led to some nice PR for Taco John’s When it comes to taking care of a fan, sometimes the fan takes care of you. Case in point: We

Meet Mr. Taco

Taco John’s recognizes top franchisee with the 2018 Mr. Taco award Jim Creel, CEO of Taco John’s, recently announced that Illinois franchisee Alex Habeeb is the winner of the 2018 Mr. Taco award. Currently the owner of two Illinois Taco John’s restaurants — one in

A peek inside Taco John’s test kitchen

What separates us from the other Mexican fast food restaurant chains? For starters, 7 varieties of Potato Olés® One of the things that makes our Mexican fast food restaurant chain like no other is our Potato Olés®. Bob Karisny, Vice President for Menu Strategy and

Taco John’s shares tax reform benefits with employees and surrounding communities

Our Mexican restaurant franchise gives projected tax savings of over $150,000 to restaurant crews, managers and the charity group CORE In response to the 2018 Tax Cut and Jobs Act, Taco John’s Mexican restaurant franchise gave part of our projected tax savings to Taco John’s