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Launch Plan: How Taco John’s Supports New Restaurants

When you open a Taco John’s Mexican food franchise, you can count on weeks of in-person support We’ve been helping franchisees open up Taco John’s Mexican food franchise restaurants since 1969, and we have just rolled out a new restaurant opening support initiative that goes

3 marketing tools Taco John’s uses to drive franchisee profitability

From Pumpkin Churros to franchisee ad co-ops, we’ve got winning marketing strategies you can leverage When you’re shopping for a taco franchise, you are just as likely looking for brand buzz as someone shopping for a taco. You want to know that what you’re getting

Mexican cuisine keeps getting hotter, just like our franchise opportunity

Here’s why Taco John’s has a stronghold in the Mexican franchise market Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and… you might as well add tacos to that list. Tacos are more popular right now than chocolate. Salsa surpassed ketchup as America’s favorite condiment over 20 years

Behind the scenes: A Taco John’s grand opening in 2 minutes

Our QSR franchise is growing into new regions like Tennessee. Find out what it’s like behind the scenes at a Taco John’s grand opening. Columbia, TN, is the home of the latest Taco John’s to open in the Volunteer State as the iconic Mexican QSR

VP of Marketing Tom Meyer talks strategy for driving Taco John’s® sales

A new attitude and a renewed focus on our consumer value proposition will help shine a brighter spotlight on Taco John’s® In the midst of updating Taco John’s® advertising to continue making the brand more memorable, new Vice President of Marketing Tom Meyer wants to

Pumpkin spice tacos? No thanks. But franchisees are delighted when an LTO strikes the right chord

Taco John’s® cream-stuffed Pumpkin Churros and other innovative LTOs are designed to attract new guests and bring back loyal fans Taco John’s® is capitalizing on popular fall trends without going overboard. It’s the kind of thoughtful marketing intended to help drive new business for our

How we keep customers coming back for more

Taco John’s® strikes the perfect balance between tradition and innovation to draw guests and drive sales revenues There’s a fine line in the restaurant industry between keeping loyal guests happy and making sure you don’t stagnate as a brand. That’s why menu innovation is paramount