Taco John’s Drive-thrus Drive Growth

Just as bold flavor is a Taco John’s menu staple, the drive-thru is a known staple of the quick-service food industry — and who’s surprised? There’s something unbeatable about having your Taco John’s dish delivered right to your driver’s seat. We understand this, and take pride in our drive-thru locations around the country.

The drive-thru has been valuable to Taco John’s for quite some time. We introduced it to our restaurants even before we introduced Potato Olés. This was back in 1973, only five years after the first stand opened. We’ve held onto both concepts ever since, and for good reason. Potato Olés are still on the core menu because they’re tater-ly delicious, and we love our drive-thrus because they beef up business.

Today, drive-thrus remain a significant part of Taco John’s business at locations around the nation — our drive-thru orders make up more than 70% of our business. These transactions make ordering Taco John’s easier on the customer and on the franchisees as the drive-thru model brings down costs and promotes a streamlined kitchen-to-customer process.

So what else makes drive-thrus so Mexcellent? According to a 2020 study on drive-thrus, “57% of fast-casual restaurant goers would order food more frequently if more restaurants had drive-thru options.” The drive-thru ensures your Taco John’s restaurant is top of mind for those in need of a quick and easy-to-get meal!

As Taco John’s continues to expand with new restaurants around the country, drive-thrus continue to help each location succeed as our loyal customers look to get their taco fix as quickly as possible.

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