Mexican cuisine keeps getting hotter, just like our franchise opportunity

Posted Feb 21st, 2018

Here’s why Taco John’s has a stronghold in the Mexican franchise market

Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and… you might as well add tacos to that list.

Tacos are more popular right now than chocolate. Salsa surpassed ketchup as America’s favorite condiment over 20 years ago. And you’d be hard-pressed to find any party centered around a game on TV without tortilla chips. Mexican cuisine is as beloved as any other culinary tradition in the U.S., and that means there’s never been a better time to invest in a Taco John’s Mexican franchise.

We just closed the books on one our most successful years for commitments, with 116 new commitments – twice the number of deals we closed in 2016 – and a plan to beef up our internal support staff so franchisees have the resources they need. We’re expanding into new territory as the love for Mexican cuisine – and Americans’ unique way of making it our own – continues to grow.

“We offer a unique take on everyone’s favorite tacos, burritos and snacks, and our in-house team of culinary experts are constantly researching the latest in emerging flavor profiles,” says Rocky Clark, Vice President for Operations. “As a leading Mexican franchise for almost 50 years, it’s important that we keep up with changes in the way people eat while maintaining the core menu favorites that have made Taco John’s so popular with consumers.”

And our value proposition for franchise buyers has never been stronger.

A hand is seen dipping a fried potato disk into a small black ramekin of melted cheese. A pile of the fried potato rounds surround the cheese dip on a napkin on top of a rust-colored placemat on a wooden surface.
Potato Olés®, while not a traditional Mexican dish, are a fan favorite at Taco John’s Mexican franchise. Our unique take on Mexican cuisine and our lack of national competition in the Mexican QSR space makes our franchise investment particularly worthy.

Why Taco John’s is special

We have only one true national competitor, and we have almost 50 years history of competing favorably with them. The great thing is … we have available development territory. Over the last two years, we have entered into commitments for future locations in Tennessee, Kentucky and the eastern seaboard of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and more.

As we continue to expand our national presence, we’re adding the support staff that enables us to keep up with that growth. We’re beefing up our field marketing managers, franchise business coaches and training staff, among others, to help both new and existing franchisees achieve the standards set by our brand. That means we can continue to satisfy our brand fans, attract new guests and help our franchisees maximize their revenue potential.

Mexican franchises are having a moment

NPR’s popular radio program Splendid Table dedicated one of its January episodes to Mexican food, noting that as the cuisine’s popularity grows, consumers seem to be less concerned about whether a dish is “authentic” Mexican and more interested in how something tastes. Splendid Table host Francis Lam interviewed professor Steven Alvarez about the growing phenomenon.

“It’s really interesting that you can go out in the holler and parts of eastern Kentucky, and you’ll always find a Mexican restaurant,” said Alvarez, who previously taught classes called ‘Mexington, Kentucky’ and ‘Taco Literacy’ at University of Kentucky. “In some of these rural communities – especially in Appalachia – folks are getting their taste of Mexican culture through the food. And that may not be necessarily the folks that you’d consider ‘authentic,’ although it has its own realness – and that beats authenticity. It’s also that social connection; even in harsh political times, food can bring people to the table.”

A bearded guy in a plaid shirt and wool beanie takes a selfie of himself and his girlfriend while he holds a taco in his other hand.
Tacos aren’t just trending, they’re part of our American culinary landscape. Taco John’s offers a great opportunity to invest in QSR Mexican.

That leaves room for QSR Mexican and other Americanized or regionalized versions of Mexican-inspired cuisine. At Taco John’s, for instance, fans love items like our signature Potato Olés®, Street Tacos and Meat and Potato Burritos. Our Mexican franchise has all-day appeal, with breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night dayparts as well as an extensive snack menu.

Do you want to take advantage of the opportunity to capitalize on the popularity of Mexican food and the opportunity that Taco John’s represents?

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