Tacos are never going out of style

Posted Jun 12th, 2017

And neither is the Taco John’s® franchise opportunity. Here’s why.

The taco is never going out of style, according to the experts (and anyone who’s ever eaten one). In fact, it’s making a big splash in the food world these days, showing up on menus from fast food to fine dining. But not all tacos are created equal, and that’s a big reason why you should consider the Taco John’s franchise opportunity.

Tacos are currently the darling of the food world because they’re so versatile they’ll work in virtually any cuisine, and they have built-in portability. Taco Tuesday®, a phrase Taco John’s trademarked, is certainly evidence enough that tacos are fast becoming our favorite food.

Sean Baker, president of digital-advertising agency IMM, recently wrote in Fast Casual magazine: “As our palates evolve to include a multitude of international flavors, restaurants struggle to keep up with current trends whilst remaining true to their brand. Tacos are an authentic catch-all where everything is an acceptable interpretation. Brands can easily offer a taco with Mexican, Asian and/or Indian flavors without seeming trite or that they are trying too hard.”

Two soft-shelled fish tacos are resting on a smoothed-out wrapper with Taco John’s branded cups and containers in the background.
Soft shell or hard shell; meat, fish or vegetarian — the humble taco has something for everyone. The taco’s perennial popularity makes Taco John’s franchise a smart bet.

Favorites + Innovation = More Guests

As a Mexican food franchise that’s been in business for almost half a century, we know a little something about tacos and Mexican food favorites. We’re known for our bold Mexican flavors and fresh, made-to-order food. Our culinary team does an excellent job of maintaining a menu which includes guest favorites like tacos, Potato Olés®, churros and Meat and Potato Burritos, while introducing Limited Time Offers (LTOs) that pique interest and draw in new customers. Our LTOs typically boost same-store sales, sometimes in the double digits.

This year, we’ll be rolling out new proteins in our LTOs with sirloin steak and pork carnitas. We’ve already done the research and the field testing, and we’re sure our guests will love them both.

 A variety of tortillas stuffed with meats, cheese and vegetables are displayed on a cutting board and counter, with a shallow bowl of nachos in the background.
Pork carnitas offer the first new protein to guests at Taco John’s this spring, and so far they’ve been a big hit. Whether they order tacos, burritos, quesadillas or more, guests are assured of Taco John’s signature bold, fresh Mexican flavors.

A Long History of Success

There’s a tendency to look at trending foods as passing fads. But that isn’t always the case. It certainly hasn’t been true for pizza, and it definitely hasn’t proven true for Mexican food, either. Even if interest in fusion food wanes, Americans are always  going to love Mexican flavors.

We’ve been in business for over 48 years, have almost 400 restaurants open and have commitments for over 60 more in the coming years. We’re expanding beyond our Midwestern roots and growing in areas we’ve never been before, including the Mid-Atlantic.

Trend forecasters are saying this will be the year of the taco. With so many entrepreneurs exploring Taco John’s territories, it might well be the year of Taco John’s, too.

 A hand holds a crispy hard-shelled taco in the foreground, with blurred lights glowing in the background.

To learn more

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