If there’s one thing Americans agree on, it’s Mexican food

Posted Aug 25th, 2017

That’s just one of the great reasons to invest in a Mexican restaurant franchise with Taco John’s®

Food brings people together. It can fill in the gaps when we don’t speak the same language and can bring peace when we have disagreements. And in the case of tacos, a recent poll suggests it might even bridge the political divide. That helps explain Mexican food’s continuous rise in popularity and makes this an especially good time to own a Mexican restaurant franchise.

A burrito filled with ground beef, cheese sauce, lettuce, tomato and Potato Olés®, alongside more Potato Olés®, are shown against the backdrop of an American flag.
A Meat & Potato Burrito and some Potato Olés®? That’s about as all-American as it gets. We’ve been banking on the popularity of Taco John’s cuisine since we first opened in 1969.

Conservatives, liberals and Mexican food

Political polarization seems to be at an all-time high these days. One recent survey polled respondents of different political viewpoints to see where they could reach an agreement. According to Digital Journal, the McCann Worldgroup survey overwhelmingly showed they all agreed on a few things: Apple technology, Canada and Mexican food. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“But is there anything that American Conservatives and Liberals can agree on in an era of political polarization? … They’re willing to put aside their differences to share a bottle of French wine and enjoy a meal of Mexican food. … Whether Mexican food or respect for NASA or Apple can provide enough ‘glue’ to bring Americans together in more profound ways remains to be seen.”

We hope so. What we know for certain is that Mexican food’s popularity continues to drive new traffic to our restaurants, and our commitment to quality and a menu that balances favorites with innovative limited-time offers (LTOs) keeps them coming back in. Guests have long loved the bold, fresh flavors of classics like our Potato Olés® and Meat & Potato Burritos, and they’re embracing new additions like the Sirloin Steak Tacos and Pork Carnitas Quesadilla Tacos we introduced as LTOs this spring and summer.

A hand holds a taco in an open Taco John’s wrapper, filled with lettuce, tomatoes and ground beef. An out-of-focus container of cheese dip can be seen in the background against a blue shirt.
Everybody loves tacos. No matter what side of the political divide you fall on, you probably love Mexican food.

How our Mexican restaurant franchise plans for success

Serving up delicious Mexican food has always been at the core of our business, so we understand the power of food bringing people together. We also understand the necessity of developing systems and processes that are replicable, scalable and as foolproof as possible. That’s why our Mexican food franchise, in business since 1969, currently has about 400 units and an ongoing expansion plan.

We supply the expertise you need, from site selection through grand opening and beyond. We support single unit owner-operators as well as experienced multi-unit franchisees.

Political disagreements come and go, but Americans’ love for Mexican food is here to stay. And with our decades of experience and proven track record of success, so is Taco John’s.

Learn more about our Mexican restaurant franchise opportunity

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