We’ve renewed our focus on training

Posted Apr 20th, 2017

Multi-unit franchise owners can leverage the Taco John’s® training program to scale up quickly and efficiently

A franchise is only as strong as its support program for franchisees. Proper training underscores the importance of consistency, keeps operations running tightly for maximum profit margins and makes our investment more appealing to multi-unit franchise owners.

Last fall, we dedicated a full team to the training needs of our Taco John’s franchisees, headed by Stephanie Gooden, Vice President for Human Resources and Training. Gooden and her team of experts have put together a comprehensive plan to guide franchisees and their staff through pre-opening, grand opening and beyond.

A Taco John’s employee hands a bag of food to a customer in the drive-thru.
With over 60% of our business served out of the drive-thru window, our training team concentrates on maximizing order speed and accuracy to enhance the customer service experience.

Training and technology

One thing we’re prioritizing is the importance of getting all of our multi-unit franchise owners up-to-date. “Our focus for 2017 is to incorporate technology into our training, update materials, and utilize technology as much as we can,” Gooden says. “We now have iPad-based training materials that are interactive and work with social media. This helps create a network within the chain so that employees, managers, and franchisees can share best practices.”

Stephanie Gooden

Taco John’s training team puts people in place at every new store approximately one week before opening, working with the franchise owner, the manager and everyone on staff to make sure they work cohesively as a team and understand how to handle everything from POS systems to guest services. The trainers stay on location through the grand opening to provide additional support and assure a smooth launch for every new location. Going forward, trainers work closely with Franchise Business Coaches to address any new training issues head-on.

“Most of us in this Training Department were restaurant GMs ourselves at one point. Two of us were GMs at Taco John’s. I personally was a GM for four years,” says Steve Smyth, Senior Training Manager. “Obviously, we can share a lot of our knowledge with them since we’ve been there.”

Taco John’s Mexi Rolls® are pictured with a cup of Potato Olés® in the background.
Portion size is important, and we teach Taco John’s managers and staff how to properly portion all of our menu items during extensive training.

Consistency is key to maximizing profits

Taco John’s is a stable brand with a long history in a popular and growing segment. Our franchise investment is appealing as a multi-unit franchise opportunity because of our ability to leverage our experience, dedication and menu innovation into a thriving Mexican food chain that is continuing to expand after 48 years in business. We have 390 units open and are planning to add 20 more in 2017.  

Training every team member, from franchise owners to part-time workers, on all aspects of successfully operating a Taco John’s helps us remain a cohesive, consistent franchise that brand fans know they can count on. Making guests happy and instilling in them that they can expect excellence from Taco John’s, no matter where they are, is how we ensure continued profitability.

“We are all about guest services,” says Gooden. “Having well-trained employees enhances quality and speed of service. I think our team expects excellence and want to pass that on to try to help our franchisees have the best team they can have.”

Learn more about Taco John’s

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