Taco John’s® helps franchisees with guest relations

Posted Apr 24th, 2017

Like other top QSR franchises, Taco John’s understands how to maintain a strong foundation of guest services

The avenues toward success are no mystery. Operational excellence, superior product and customer engagements are mainstays. If you’re one of the top QSR franchises in your segment and you’re already confident in your systems and product, customer intimacy should be a shoo-in.

It’s surprising how many companies still get it wrong.

Part of the not-so-secret secret of good guest relations lies in quick response time when people are trying to tell you something, good or bad. At Taco John’s, we do our best to maintain relationships with our customers on the social media platforms where they tend to be most active. By taking responsibility for and ownership of these interactions, we can help our franchisees cultivate better customer intimacy, no matter what communities they’re in.

On a diagonally split photo, two Fish Tacos are flanked by a wedge of lime and some Potato Olés® on the left, while an open foil packet of Shrimp Street Tacos is pictured on the right.
Fish Tacos and Shrimp Street Tacos are popular LTOs. We know because listening to our customers is one of our key values.

The good

Everybody loves a sincere compliment. When brand fan Aaron H. reached out on Facebook recently in response to an announcement about our upcoming Fish Tacos and Shrimp Street Tacos LTOs, we were happy to hear from him. And we let him know right away.

“I am so excited, it’s my favorite time of year,” Aaron wrote. “For anyone that hasn’t tried the fish or shrimp tacos, do it. For me they are every bit as good as a fish taco I would get at a nice bar or restaurant. TJ’s will be seeing me for a lot of lunch breaks.

Our social media team replied the same day:

“We couldn’t agree more. Make sure to download the app to earn some rewards when you visit.”

We included a link to the TJ® Rewards app, and with that simple interaction we hope we left an impression on Aaron and all our guests: that we care what they think.

The bad

Not every customer interaction will be positive, and it’s just as important, if not more so, to be responsive when someone has a negative comment. People want to be heard, and when a brand buries its head in the sand or even tries to resolve a situation without reaching out to the aggrieved individual, frustrations build. Here’s an example that played out on our Facebook page earlier this year, when an upset customer named Tammy vented in the comments:

“Bad experience at Bismarck store…. Manager just continued working and did not apologize at all. So sad….”

We responded within hours, tagging the customer in our post and providing a link to the form:

“Hey, Tammy, a bad experience is never what we want. Please provide more details by filling out this Contact Us form. We’d like to follow up. Thank you!”

Two young men in winter wear, heads not in the photo, sit on a bench. One holds a partially wrapped burrito while the other holds Potato Olés® and a hot coffee with lid.
When guests are happy, franchisees are happy, so we do everything we can to make everybody happy.

The obvious

If you’re responsive in all situations, your guests will take notice. So will people who happen to be on social media who’ve never tried your brand before, and it’s more likely to make them walk through your doors the next time they have the opportunity. That’s why it’s puzzling when some well-known QSR franchises essentially ignores that aspect of guest relations.

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