How Much Can I Make?

Whether you’re looking for a multi-unit franchise opportunity or a single restaurant, you’ll want to explore the Taco John’s revenue model

More multi-unit franchise owners than ever are joining the Taco John’s family as we continue to expand our brand presence across the nation. Our prime territory availability coupled with the lack of competition in the QSR Mexican franchise market have made our brand particularly appealing to larger investors. Taco John’s is a stable, legacy brand with a proven business model and a cult-like following among customers who love our bold Mexican-inspired menu and quality ingredients. We’ve been operating since 1969, and with only one true nationwide Mexican fast-food competitor, we are poised to continue our record-setting growth.

That’s all good news for investors seeking a strong return on their new business opportunity. We can’t project earnings or make any guarantees regarding profitability; however, qualified candidates will be provided with a copy of our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Our Item 19 includes a detailed Financial Performance Representation, which collates the most recent two years of data on most of our company-owned locations. Item 19 also includes quartiles, including a chart showing the quartiles of our franchisee units, and average annual sales for Taco John’s units co-developed with convenience stores and travel plazas, plus our end cap locations.

Fans lined up around the block of a Taco John's franchise.
Fans of Taco John’s lined up around the block when our Mexican food brand opened for the first time inside one of the locations with 80-year-old convenience store chain Stinker Stores.

How we optimize revenue potential

Taco John’s owns 11 corporate stores and board members own four more stores — which keeps us focused on the bottom line and helps us test ideas before pushing them out to franchisees. The company is continually looking for ways to generate customer traffic, maintain or build margins and lower costs — all without sacrificing quality.

To receive a copy of our updated FDD, please complete the short form on this page. One of our franchise development experts will be in touch with you as soon as possible to determine whether you meet our financial qualifications and if you’re a good fit for Taco John’s. We look forward to hearing from you!

We supply a highly detailed Financial Performance Representation in the Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document.  Once you complete the form to download our Free Franchise Information Report, you will be able to review the last three years data on most of our company-owned locations.  We also provide quartiles and average annual sales for our units co-developed with convenience stores and travel plazas, plus our end cap locations. 

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