A Concept with All-Day Appeal

Why consider multi-unit franchises with Taco John’s? Because we generate business during all dayparts.

Taco John's franchise breakfast
Beginning with breakfast, Taco John’s is making a strong case to consumers about our all-day appeal.

Taco John’s has been winning customers for almost 50 years with our unique menu offerings and bold flavors in a fast-growing category that has attracted numerous successful multi-unit franchise owners. With only one national competitor in the fast-food Mexican segment, Taco John’s has earned cult-like devotion from loyal customers. We stay on top of our game from morning to night, earning repeat business for breakfast, lunch, dinner and the increasingly popular snack daypart in-between meals.

We attract big crowds with our core menu items and we continue to roll out unique limited time offer (LTO) items created to capitalize on new flavor profiles, recipes, and changing consumer trends. With Taco John’s you get the best of all worlds. With a time-tested core menu and exciting new menu items to keep people coming in, we do about 37% of our business after 4 p.m. Most fast food restaurants are very skewed towards lunch, but Taco John’s is a viable dinner option too.

While individual store results vary, the numbers below represent our system-wide average in 2017.


Driving traffic for lunch and dinner

Mexi Rolls® at Taco John's multi-unit franchises
Mexi Rolls®

“We do tremendous business both in-store and through the drive-thru at lunch and dinner,” says Van Ingram, Vice President for Franchise Development. “We’ve become a regular part of our customers’ day — and that now includes breakfast.”

That loyalty is engendered across our multi-unit franchises both by our menu and by some iconic promotions:

Taco Tuesday®: This long-running promotion attracts droves of fans to Taco John’s for discounted tacos. The once-a-week deal helps Taco John’s attract value-driven customers who learn about our food and keep coming back throughout the week.

Six-Pack And A Pound®: Another beloved deal is our “Six-Pack and a Pound,” which pairs six crispy beef tacos with a pound of Potato Olés®. It’s enough to satisfy the hungriest diners, and friends often split it as a snack.

Six-Pack and a Pound® at Taco John's multi-unit franchises
Six-Pack and a Pound®

Ongoing promos, our Rewards app and interacting with customers on social media are all big traffic drivers for lunch and dinner, but we’re seeing increased interest in other dayparts as well.

Potato Olés® Scrambler
Potato Olés® Scrambler

Breakfast, snacking trends are growing

Taco John’s is well-positioned to capture more business as consumer preferences change. As more people eat breakfast away from home, sweet Mexican Donut Bites and savory Meat & Potato Breakfast Burritos are just moments away in our convenient drive-thru lane and comfortable dining room.

Market research shows us that today’s customer is more likely to engage in snacking, and Taco John’s is well-prepared. Lifestyles are increasingly mobile and work hours more flexible, which means snacks are often substituted for traditional meals. Our menu accommodates both traditional and non-traditional dining styles, and no matter what our customers are looking for, they know they can quickly find something delicious in our convenient drive-thru or dining room. We offer several menu items that are perfect for snacking. In addition to tacos, we offer chips and queso, Potato Olés®, and Mexi Rolls® — crispy tortillas wrapped around seasoned beef, refried beans, and cheese.

Our reputation for both quality and value contribute to our strong showing in so many dayparts, reflecting even greater revenue opportunities for our franchisees.

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