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There’s no better way to find out about the franchise experience than to ask the owners themselves. See what they had to say in these Taco John’s Franchise Reviews.

I’ve been amazed at how often people in New York line up for Mexican. Taco John’s gives me the ability to expand and sell the flavor profiles my customers want. If you want to do a lot more sales, you have to fish where the fish are. New York is a very competitive town. If you make a big mistake, people are not forgiving. That’s why the support from Taco John’s is appreciated, and we’re succeeding. New York has a lot of brands that go in and go out, but you want something that has name value and is going to be there for a while. That’s what Taco John’s does for me.
— Tom Clarke, multi-unit franchisee


The Mexican fast food segment is growing very quickly, and Taco John’s growth in particular is impressive. They just signed a 100-store deal for Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. They also have new franchisees in Indianapolis as well as here in Nashville and Chattanooga. So for us, it was really just striking when the iron was hot. We knew it was good. We knew the cult following it has from the Midwest, and now we’ve brought that all the way to the people in the Southeast.
— Brad Paxton, multi-unit franchisee
A Stuffed Grilled Taco is divided in half to show a filling of ground beef, melted cheese, sour cream and tomatoes. Some Potato Oles are next to the burrito.

I grew up in the Midwest, and in Nebraska there were three stores within 20 miles of where I lived. I started looking around three to four years ago at franchises, looking at the way they were structured and considering the industries that they were in. The more I spoke with the Taco John’s franchise development people, the more I was intrigued with that opportunity. I checked other franchises, and Taco John’s support, feedback and training stood out in front of all the others.
— Dave Dickerson, franchise owner

Tam Kennedy
Tam Kennedy

I have found over all the years of our franchise relationship that Taco John’s leadership is willing to listen, no matter what I want to talk about. Sometimes I want to talk about celebrations of things we’re doing well and sometimes I want to challenge them, but they will always listen as a group of leaders. That’s part of what the culture is. They realize without the franchisees, there is no Taco John’s brand. They respect that. They’re responsive where they can be and they’re willing to work with you when you have ideas, concerns or opinions.
Tam Kennedy, multi-unit franchisee

When we first opened in Des Moines, it was the first Mexican QSR in the state. When I opened my own restaurant for the first time, it was crowded. There were more than 10 people waiting in line. A gentleman ordered three “TAY-cos.” That’s how unfamiliar the taco was in the American vernacular at the time… The primary differentiators today are the quality of the food, the taste of the food, the appearance of the food and the size of the portions… We have fantastic food, and that is the foothold we have in the market.
— Bill Byrne, franchisee since 1973

Taco John’s is one of the best Mexican restaurant franchise opportunities and has a very close-knit family and a very united team. The support center and franchisees work really well together for the good of the brand, for the good of the franchisees and the good of the guests. There is good harmony, and I see it continuing in the same route.
— Alex Habeeb, multi-unit franchisee

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