Which Territories Are Available?

Taco John’s has prime territories ready for you

Taco John’s has long been a beloved brand in the Midwest and the Mountain West. But we’ve also been growing new Taco John’s territories, introducing our unique and delicious Mexican food to a whole new customer base.

We have only one nationwide competitor in our segment, and the size of our franchise, almost 400 units and growing, means we offer more opportunities to grow. Large investors have been making the most of this broad territory availability, signing commitments in recent months for over 100 new units to be built east of the Mississippi.

Where we’re growing

Here’s a look at the states and some of the market areas we are targeting for expansion.

Targeted States  
ColoradoMinnesotaSouth Carolina
IdahoMissouriSouth Dakota
IowaNorth CarolinaWashington
KansasNorth DakotaWisconsin
Primary Market Areas
Colorado (Denver, Colorado Springs)
Idaho (Boise)
Kansas (Kansas City)
Kentucky (Louisville)
Michigan (Detroit, Grand Rapids)
Minnesota (Minneapolis)
Missouri (Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield)
Ohio (Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, Dayton, Cleveland)
Tennessee (Knoxville, Memphis, Jackson, Tri-Cities)

The opportunity is especially ripe for multi-unit investors who are eager to harness the growing popularity of Mexican food and grow a new brand in a thriving market that lacks competition. Taco John’s already has hundreds of locations nationwide and a Taco John’s franchise for sale in many growing markets. We’ve fought head-to-head battles against our rivals in Mexican QSR, and we know how to carve our own niche and win customers.

Why Taco John’s is winning

Our Mexican QSR franchises are creating legions of new brand fans in areas that have never before known Taco John’s. The demand for Mexican food is bigger than ever before, and the opportunity to invest in and grow with a brand like Taco John’s that’s been around since 1969 has attracted a lot of attention from potential buyers.

Our particular take on classic Mexican favorites is distinguished by a fusion of distinctive flavors and proprietary seasonings. And our long-term stability in this market segment and our experienced franchising team is another great fusion that our franchise owners truly appreciate.

Stuff grilled taco combo

Americans spend $45 billion a year on Mexican food, according to the restaurant data firm CHD Expert. Taco John’s territories have a lot of room to expand, which means we’re poised to grab a larger share of that marketplace — and to grow the marketplace by introducing more customers to a fast food Mexican franchise that matches the quality of casual and fast-casual chains.

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