Taco John’s Navigates the Pandemic with 4 Months of Sales Growth

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses of all stripes. But, as Taco John’s Brooks Speirs shared in an op-ed for Global Franchise magazine, it has also clearly differentiated the brands that are at the front of the pack. The vice president of franchise development at Taco John’s made a clear case for why franchising will emerge strong after the pandemic and explained what the landscape will look like.

Simply put, not all franchising is the same. At Taco John’s, we’re all about bigger, bolder and better, not just for our delicious food, but also in our approach to business. The business world is paying attention and seeing which franchises were able to pivot quickly during the pandemic. Which restaurants were able to move to digitized processes, online or app ordering and implement curbside pickup? Which franchises supported reconfiguration of store layout to ensure employee and customer safety? Which ones increased drive-thru promotions?

We understood what it would take to reinvent operations to ensure cash flow to franchisees and keep customer loyalty. Strengthened by our executive leadership and support structure that is always in place for the extended franchise family, Taco John’s pivoted to incorporate these systems immediately. In turn, we’ve celebrated four months of same-store sales growth.

Long-term customers will return to dining options that they love. No matter what the landscape will look like, veteran franchises like Taco John’s understand that you have to meet the customer where they’re at. Fan loyalty is valued currency in the restaurant industry and accommodating customer demand seamlessly while still delivering an outstanding experience is something that Taco John’s has perfected.

The pandemic has laid bare the weak processes that can decimate franchises that haven’t planned for eventualities. Fortunately, Taco John’s is bigger, bolder and better with our leadership, digital processes, franchisee support, customer engagement and above all — quality Mexican food. As Speirs shared, franchising is bound to emerge stronger than ever after the pandemic. And when it does, Taco John’s will be there at the forefront again.

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