Taco John’s® helps franchisees attract and retain more guests

Posted Apr 20th, 2017

Reputation alone sets us apart from other Mexican fast-food franchises, and we also have strong strategies to drive guest traffic

Taco John’s is well-known in the Midwestern marketplace, but our strategies for driving guest traffic are more important than ever now that we’re expanding eastward into new territories. Although our reputation is enough to differentiate us from other Mexican fast-food franchises, we can’t rely on that alone, especially in areas where consumers aren’t familiar with our brand.

With our 48 years in business, we understand what it takes to succeed in this segment, making us one of the best Mexican franchise opportunities to invest in. We have over 390 units nationwide, with a concentration in the West and Midwest, and we’re expanding into the South and Northeast with some exciting multi-unit deals. In 2016, we signed agreements to build multiple locations in New York and Tennessee, two new areas to Taco John’s.

A collage photo of a Walking Taco® spilling out of a foil bag onto a table, a cell phone showing a TJ® Rewards app and a glass of Lipton Berrylicious Iced Tea splashing festively over the rim of the glass with a couple of strawberries in the background.
LTOs like our Walking Tacos®, our TJ® Rewards app and specialty beverages all help increase customer traffic.

Here’s how we help franchisees transform new consumers into lifelong brand fans and turn occasional guests into regulars:

Exceptional marketing

If you’ve ever heard the phrase Taco Tuesday®, that’s because of us. We coined the term and trademarked it in the 1980’s, and it is now part of the American lexicon. It’s that kind of thinking that characterizes our marketing department, which oversees marketing campaigns that utilize regional television ads, email marketing, strategic LTOs and the ever-increasing customer reliance on mobile technology.

Social media plays a huge part in marketing for any modern company, and at Taco John’s we make the most of platforms like Instagram and Facebook to attract attention and drive customer frequency. For instance, we maintain a database of social media accounts that have asked, “When is Taco John’s coming here?” so we can reach out in those areas when a new location is being developed.

That kind of data collection is valuable because it can mean an instant fan base when a franchise opens in a new area. We can use this as an “in” to get those fans who are familiar with us to tell their friends and families about us as well.

Menu innovation

Bold, spicy flavors. Meals made fresh to order. Tortillas and chips fried in-house. These are some of the things that set us apart from our competition among Mexican fast-food franchises. Taco John’s was recently recognized for our innovative menu by the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association. We were honored to receive the Culinary/Operations Innovation Award, one of only four brands this year to receive an Innovation Award.

A platter of red, green and regular tortilla chips is piled high with ground beef, peppers, cheese sauce, sour cream and olives.
Nachos Navidad® are one of our most popular menu items, and they return to the menu every holiday season by popular demand.

Reputation matters

Now more than ever before, what consumers think of your brand is vital. Technology allows people to communicate instantly, with each other and to the world at large. If your brand consistently works to deliver a positive guest experience and excellent food, people take notice. If a company responds quickly when guests  have complaints, and you do so on a public platform like your Twitter feed or Facebook page, people take notice of that, too.

It’s easy to see who truly cares about their guest experience. Yes, we offer discounts and a rewards app and other enticements, but at the core of our brand are the long-held traditions of quality, consistency, and operational excellence that have shaped our reputation over the decades and continue to drive our guest traffic today.

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