Taco John’s: The Well-Loved Legacy Brand is Adaptable to All Markets

Aligning with consumer demands is a key ingredient to a thriving business, and Taco John’s is no stranger to staying ahead of the curve. As a legacy brand, we understand how to innovate in the rapidly evolving quick service industry to deliver both value and tasty menu options that keeps our loyal customers coming back for more.

Staying Fresh

While we stick to our roots with our tried-and-true menu items, like our Potato Olés®,  we’re always innovating to create fresh and enticing options for our franchisees to draw in more hungry Taco John’s® fans. We’re now serving up two new creations to satisfy customer cravings! Our Beefy Loaded Cheddar Crunch Taco and our Chicken Club Cheddar Crunch Taco are delighting our guests’ tastebuds far and wide.

Embracing Digital Convenience

In an era defined by technology, Taco John’s has fully embraced the digital age, aligning with consumer demand for flexible ordering. We have partnered with food delivery platforms and developed user-friendly online ordering systems. This makes it easier than ever for customers to enjoy Taco John’s flavors from the comfort of their homes and provides an additional revenue stream for our franchisees.

Unlocking Diverse Markets

Along with our tasty new menu items and multiple revenue streams for franchisees, Taco John’s is also targeting expansion in non-traditional markets like colleges, airports, and travel centers. Our adaptability to any location gives franchisees the opportunity to bring Taco John’s to new and existing fans.   

If you’re looking to beef up your franchise portfolio in new markets, look no further! Contact us today to start your franchising journey with Taco John’s.