Grow Your Franchise Portfolio with Taco John’s

With the new year comes new financial and business opportunities, and building out your portfolio with a known brand is a great way to get a jump-start on those goals. The time has never been better to invest in a Mexican food franchise. Burritos, tacos, guac, and the like continue to be popular with American consumers — so popular that Mexican cuisine topped the list of most popular cuisines in Uber Eats’ most recent cravings report (we can only imagine our Potato Olés® and Chicken Bacon Guac Street Tacos played a part in that).

Taco John’s provides an excellent opportunity to break into the Mexican food franchise space — with our incredible incentive program and rapidly expanding brand presence, we’ve become a go-to for those looking to get their Mexican food fix for franchisees and consumers alike!

One of our newest franchisees, Gary Rose, president of Meritage Hospitality group, knows a good franchise opportunity when he sees it.

“Taco John’s is the perfect fit for our company,” Gary Rose, Meritage Hospitality Group president and COO, said in the release. “While exploring concepts to expand our portfolio, we were quickly attracted to Taco John’s. We are excited about the Mexican restaurant segment and the bigger, bolder, better direction of the brand.”

The Mexican restaurant industry is worth $59.6 billion, and that number is only growing! The Taco John’s Mexican food franchise has the bold flavors that gets customers through the door for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What are you waiting for?

Stay tuned for more exciting news from us in the coming months — we can’t wait to taco ‘bout all of the big things we have coming down the pipeline!

Grab hold of the bold. Click here to learn more about expanding your portfolio with Taco John’s and making a difference in your own community.