What Support Does Taco John’s Offer?

Experienced restaurant operators provide support for our Mexican restaurant franchises

Taco John’s offers extensive support to owners of our Mexican restaurant franchises.  As you prepare to open your first restaurant, you will have a New Store Opening Manager who works closely with you to navigate the process of launching, equipping, staffing, and operating the unit.  At your grand opening, you will have three Taco John’s operations consultants; and as you build your business, you will have a regionally based franchise business consultant as your key resource.

A team member dedicated to helping new franchisees

Robert Allison, Taco John's

Taco John’s has built a deep bench of franchise operations consultants who help franchisees manage various aspects of their business. Vitally for new franchisees, the team includes a coach who is completely dedicated to helping new Taco John’s owners set up their restaurant and quickly navigate our systems and vendor relationships to get the help they need.

“New franchisees have unique needs, so we created a position that is dedicated to helping new Taco John’s owners get up to speed quickly,” says Rocky Clark, Vice President of Operations. “Taco John’s has a lot of resources available, and a lot of vendors that you tap into as you set up your restaurant and get ready to open. Our New Store Opening Manager gives new franchisees a single point of contact so they can get a lot accomplished very efficiently while they are still learning the business.”

When you join Taco John’s, you’ll get to know New Store Opening Manager Robert Allison very well. He starts working with franchisees about seven months before their targeted opening date.

“Once you join the franchise system and get a welcome letter, I get in contact and get the ball rolling to help you open,” he says. “We have a detailed timeline for when different activities need to be done and use a Gantt chart to track the phases of your project and help keep everything on track.”

Robert also helps coordinate training for franchisees and their managers. Our management training program includes four weeks of on-the-job training in one of our nationally certified training stores, which are located nationwide. Your certified managers will train the rest of your staff, under the supervision of Taco John’s operations team members. For your first restaurant, we will provide three operations team members to assist you and your managers with the opening of the restaurant.

Ongoing support for existing franchisees


supporting the owners of our Mexican restaurant franchises

The operational backgrounds of our franchise business consultants means that they aren’t just standing there with a clipboard, enforcing policies and procedures when they visit stores. Clark says “We know how to work the fryers and serve the guests, and we’ll show your employees how it’s done. If your store gets busy while we’re visiting, we’re not going to just stand there with a clipboard; we’re going to start making tacos!”

Franchise Business Consultants also help franchisees study food costs, labor costs and the key measurables in the restaurant. Our POS system, QuikServ, allows owners of our Mexican restaurant franchises to track labor and food costs and drill down to see the details when issues arise. FBCs can assist in the process and make suggestions to help you maximize revenue and margins.

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