Who Are Our Customers?

Taco John’s franchising has a loyal following — even in areas we haven’t yet reached!

Anybody can make Mexican food, but nobody makes it like Taco John’s Mexican food franchises. Our Potato Olés®, fresh fried tortillas and chips, breakfast burritos, taco burgers, hot green salsa, queso and more have helped Taco John’s win a devoted following from our customers. Those who have experienced Taco John’s don’t forget it, because we offer high-quality, Mexican fare with fast food convenience, which is a powerful combination.

Our customers consist of devoted loyalists, people who eat at our restaurants multiple times a week; customers who are fans of Mexican QSR and enjoy having more than one choice; and families who appreciate convenient food that is higher quality.

Here’s a look at what customers have to say about Taco John’s online:


Four women holding Summer of Taco's t-shirts
Taco John’s customers showing their fandom.


“I have been a Taco John’s customer for a couple of decades, stemming back to when I lived in Iowa. I was thrilled to find out there was one here in Reno when I moved. I love the Mexi Rolls especially. I love everything about this place. Friendly staff that generally remembers me and my order that never changes.” — Jeff D., Reno, Nevada

“Love me some Taco John’s! One of the best Mexican food franchises ever! I used to eat at their old location on 92nd and Washington back when I worked in Thornton. Their new(er) location on 96th is much nicer and very clean. The food here is consistent and I LOVE their Potato Oles®! The Taco Bravos® are incredible. Hard shell taco wrapped in a soft shell tortilla with refried beans smothered in between. Good. Fast. Cheap. I’m not a fast food fan in general but I’ll make an exception whenever it comes to Taco John’s. Taco John’s utterly blows Taco Bell away. Don’t even think about making a run for the border. I’ll drive all the way to Thornton just to get me some Potato Oles®!” — Dave C., Denver, Colorado


“The best fast-food Mexican in town. Nice, clean little restaurant, well worth going out of your way for! I wish there were more of these in town, I would definitely be a regular.” — Nick B., Spokane, Washington

“I love Taco John’s. Now please put one up closer to me.” — Ryan M., Oak Forest, Illinois

“As far as fast food goes, TJ is one of my guilty pleasures! Consistent food no matter what location you go to. Meat and potato burrito is the best and how can you not like Potato Olés®? They are like little round golden pieces of heaven!” — Kevin T., Olathe, Kansas

“I love this place! I go out of my way when near here. I have deviated at least 20 miles to eat lunch here many times. … Potato Olés®, OMG. I think the secret seasoning is crack. Potato with Mexican fast food? Yes sir, shut up & eat!” — Mark H., Carroll, Ohio

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