Why Our Customers Love Us

Our Mexican food franchises have a loyal following — and those who already know Taco John’s are clamoring for new units in their cities

When it comes to Mexican food franchises, people aren’t shy about playing favorites. And when Taco John’s is in town, it doesn’t take long for us to acquire brand fans who are loyal for life. The truth is, we make Mexican food like nobody else in the QSR franchise space, and our customers really appreciate it.

Our iconic Potato Olés®, taco burgers, meat and potato burritos, street tacos and more have helped Taco John’s win a devoted following. Customers love the core menu, plus they come in for the enticing limited time offers such as fish tacos, pumpkin churros or Nachos Navidad®. The menu has expanded to include steak! Taco John’s offers a powerful combination – a diverse menu featuring high quality food with the value and convenience of a fast food restaurant.

Our customers consist of devoted loyalists, people who eat at our restaurants multiple times a week; fans of Mexican QSR who enjoy having another choice; and families who appreciate convenient, high quality food.

Here’s a look at what some of them have been saying about Taco John’s online:


Four women holding Summer of Taco's t-shirts
Taco John’s customers showing their fandom.

“I have been a Taco John’s customer for a couple of decades, stemming back to when I lived in Iowa. I was thrilled to find out there was one here in Reno when I moved. I love the Mexi Rolls® especially. I love everything about this place. Friendly staff that generally remembers me and my order that never changes.” — Jeff D., Reno, Nevada

“The food here is consistent and I LOVE their Potato Olés®! The Taco Bravos® are incredible. Hard shell taco wrapped in a soft shell tortilla with refried beans smothered in between. Good. Fast. Cheap. I’m not a fast food fan in general but I’ll make an exception whenever it comes to Taco John’s. Taco John’s utterly blows Taco Bell away. Don’t even think about making a run for the border.” — Dave C., Denver, CO

The Loaded Potato Olés® are a great extension of the menu. I like having new items to try and Taco John’s always delivers. — Curtis B, Paducah, KY

The last time I went to the Grand Rapids, MN, Taco John’s, I ordered something without cheese, since I’m allergic. The guy doing food prep offered to wipe down the whole table and change his gloves. In my 37 years, I’ve never had an employee of ANY restaurant offer to do this. Needless to say, I was very impressed and also grateful. — Justin S., Grand Rapids, MN

I have been looking for an alternative to the bell. I found it with Taco John’s. Great food! — Dianna B., Nashville, TN

Give me the Olés® and free my soul, I wanna get lost in a tacooooo and drift away.
— Mark Z., Cedar Rapids, IA

I’m seriously addicted to TJ’s and more specifically the Apple Grande. — Sarah M., Ault, CO

They just remodeled the store near me in Havre, MT. We needed our Taco John’s fix. — Dan H., Beaver Creek, MT

I go to the site in Liberal, KS. It is in a Love’s Travel Plaza. I like the ability to pull off the interstate and getting food for lunch and getting a few items to eat later in the day. They have products that are easy to eat while on the road and I love those Potato Olés®. — Courtney H. Wichita, KS

Just got our taco on at the 5824 Douglas, Des Moines, Iowa, location and the employees were amazing! She was new and she smiled the whole time. I had to smile when she brought my food to the table and introduced herself and asked if I needed anything else. Great customer service and a fun new friend at my Taco John’s. — Marcie O., Des Moines, IA

I always like going to Taco John’s. They keep adding new food to the menu and I have to try them all. — Mickey F., Athens, OH


I visited a location in a convenience store in Bridgeport, NE. The convenience of getting food and filling up my car was a great benefit. I could do both and still kept my kids in the car seat. The drive-thru service was great! — Ellen M., Dalton, NE

The new unit in Champaign, IL, is a great addition to the college area. We students wanted another alternative. — Pat K., Champaign, IL

“I love this place! I go out of my way when near here. I have deviated at least 20 miles to eat lunch here many times. … Potato Olés®, OMG. I think the secret seasoning is crack. Potato with Mexican fast food? Yes sir, shut up & eat!” — Mark H., Carroll, Ohio

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