Taco John's signage

Taco John’s is Preparing for Grand Opening Week in West Michigan

Taco John’s is expanding rapidly with a dominating presence in key markets across the U.S., including our newly beloved presence in West Michigan.

We recently opened locations in Hudsonville, Wyoming and Caledonia, all of which are driving media attraction and local excitement around our bigger. bolder. better. brand. Taco John’s isn’t opening quietly, we’re taking West Michigan by storm.

Take it from Eight West News, who visited our new Hudsonville shop and commended our brand’s signature items like the Meat and Potato Burrito, all-day breakfast, and affordable cost for both quantity and quality.

Next week, the week of Feb. 20, all three locations will be celebrating “Grand Opening Week” to spotlight the launch of our beloved presence in West Michigan.

We’re a 53-year-old brand with an ever-growing presence across diverse markets. With many more locations in the works, be sure to stay tuned for what’s next for our bigger. bolder. better. brand.